Epic Game Store Megasale leak ends up being real

Epic Games Store fraud

Earlier today, it was leaked on Reddit that the Epic Games Store will have a Megasale in the near future. Well, it turns out the news is 100% real and verifiable, as it was later confirmed by the Fortnite Twitter feed.

Talk about not even trying to deny leaks. I remember a time when leaks were followed by “we do not comment on rumors or speculation.” But this is “current year 2019,” where game announcements and leaks are confirmed on Twitter. So much for that good old-fashioned subterfuge, eh? Anyway, not long after the Reddit post, the Fortnite Twitter page responded, “Whoops! A MOTD snuck out about a sale. There is an Epic Games store sale on games in the works, but it hasn’t launched yet.” MOTD stands for message of the day, in case you were wondering.

Leak of the day

The message itself seems to jump the gun a tad. It reads that the “Epic Games Store Megasale is happening right now!” Clearly this was meant to come around at a later date. But considering it’s already in the system and primed, I imagine that the sale is likely just around the corner. However, that’s not all the message reveals. Apparently, those who sign up for 2FA, or two-factor authentication, will get a crisp $10 to spend on the sale.

It’s certainly no shock that the Epic Games Store will see a major sale. After all, consider its competition. Steam has major sales weeks all year ’round, and its Summer Sale is only months away. Generally, the sale is a big deal for a lot of people who held off on shelling out the full price on AAA games released in the year. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll stock up on games many years old that have been collecting dust in your Wishlist. Just more to heap onto that backlog pile.

There’s no official date for the sale just yet. However, considering the nature of the reveal, I expect we’ll receive an announcement from Epic Games very soon.

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