Epic Games Prepares For New Campus With Mega Mall Purchase 1

Epic Games has been dominating the gaming industry for quite some time now. With the Unreal Engine powering many of the industry’s finest games and Fortnite being the juggernaut that it is, there is no doubt that the company is doing extremely well. So well, in fact, that the team is looking for a new space for the future. That new location has been decided, with Epic Games purchasing a gigantic mall that will be converted into its new campus.

The complex in question is the Cary Towne Center complex, which measures in at 980,000 square-feet and 87 acres. That is plenty of space to work with, the equivalent of roughly 50 football fields. Epic Games also plans to do a complete overhaul of the location. This is to prepare the former mall for a customized campus that will accommodate the long-term growth of Epic Games. Work will begin later this year, with targeted completion in 2024.


Epic Games has been in Cary, North Carolina for the past two decades. It makes sense for the new campus to remain in the vicinity. The existing long-term links to the area’s educational institutions have also played into the decision as well. This move will cement the company’s dedication to the future of that particular region. It is no surprise that Cary’s mayor, Harold Weinbrecht, welcomes the move.

Epic Games Prepares For New Campus With Mega Mall Purchase 2

Blockbuster move

While no more further details have been shared regarding the development of the new campus for Epic Games, the price listed is no small change. $95 million USD is definitely a hefty sum, but it is not as if Epic Games could not afford this expenditure. However, it is clear to see that the company is definitely preparing for a future of success for the coming years.

Epic Games Prepares For New Campus With Mega Mall Purchase 3

Coincidentally, Fortnite has featured a mega mall of its own. Will we see some inspiration make its way into the new campus? The jury’s out in about three years time.

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