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Recently, Fortnite players made claims that an alleged security breach took place at Epic Games in which personal data was leaked. In instances where this happens, players are understandably left concerned and the developers usually investigate as soon as possible. Many players claimed that the Fortnite in-game leaderboards were leaking the private information of players. Thankfully, Epic Games has provided a response to the issue which will give you some reassurance about your details.

In a now deleted tweet, the professional Fortnite player known as Yung Calculator declared that he was mysteriously logged out of his account for no reason. He then made the allegation that the leaderboards were leaking information. Included, was the claim that email addresses were being leaked. This clearly would have been an issue as not only Fortnite accounts could be hacked, but emails too. Following this, the Fortnite professional went on to say it had happened to other competitors and players.


No Fortnite data leak

Epic Games was quick to respond to the supposed Fortnite data leak. In a statement, the developers explained that they had investigated reports that leaderboards were sharing information or causing logouts. Epic Games also expressed certainty that accounts affected by the unexplained logouts are secure and that the error has been resolved. Although this has put many players at ease, you can always change your password if you are still concerned.

Meanwhile, you can safely hop back into the Fortnite action. So far, Season 5 has brought a plethora of new content for players to enjoy. For instance, the Predator boss recently arrived in the battle royale. This highly-anticipated arrival was hinted when Predator’s ship appeared on the map. In addition, a soccer crossover has arrived, allowing you to get your hands on 23 different team skins. As the current season continues to progress, it will be interesting to see what else the developers have in store.

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