Epic Games remove building to kick off Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

Fortnite Zero Build Trials Rewards

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 has arrived, and Epic Games has started the new season with an array of new content. Included is new mechanics, the return of donation boards to contribute towards the war effort, and so much more. One of the core mechanics in Fortnite that makes it stand out in the battle royale genre is building. Using your materials can allow you to gain height advantage and protect you from enemy fire. Now, building has been removed from Fortnite in this latest season, leaving you with just your loot to work with. Interestingly, a no-build playlist was leaked back in October 2021, so Epic Games has had this in the works for a while.


To compensate for the loss of building, you have further protection in the form of an overshield. This is the first thing that will be depleted when you take damage. Once your overshield cracks, that is when your health and shield can receive damage. However, your overshield recovers over time, even if it gets hit down to zero.

Building may not be removed from Fortnite forever

When you load up Fortnite, you’re greeted with a screen that informs you of the change. It states that building is gone and the Resistance needs to get it back. This suggests that building has been removed from Fortnite only temporarily. After all, building is still activated in the competitive playlist and in creative modes. Perhaps, Epic Games could be testing out how well the battle royale works without building and monitoring the response from the Fortnite community.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when building will return to the core battle royale game modes. Without building and the combination of the new sprint and mantle mechanics, it will definitely add a fresh feel to the beginning of the new Fortnite season.

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