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Two weeks before the launch of Metro Exodus, Epic Games announced that it would be an Epic Games Store exclusive. However, you can already see it’s listed on Microsoft Store.

The original announcement about Metro Exodus‘ exclusivity came two weeks before launch and claimed the game would only be sold on the Epic Store for a year. Valve honored the pre-orders of those who bought it on Steam even though there was palpable anger from consumers. A Steam release is still planned for February 2020.

Epic Games Store Exclusive Metro Exodus Microsoft Store This Week 2

In the meantime, Windows users look to be able to buy the game on the Microsoft Store from 9 June. This hasn’t been officially announced yet, and with a 9 June launch date, there is speculation that it’s one of Microsoft’s E3 reveals.

Metro, Exodus and you

Normally, one wouldn’t get excited about a game you wanted to see on Steam being released on yet another platform that isn’t run by Valve. With Microsoft’s plans for “Xbox Game Pass for PC” (they should have put more than 5 minutes into workshopping the title), a gamer might start seeing some benefits of actually using the MS store. Once you’re locked into the subscription service, it’s not really that hard to start buying games.

Epic Games Store Exclusive Metro Exodus Microsoft Store This Week 3

If you’re not keen on Epic Games Store, nor did you have the money to splash on the Steam pre-orders while they were still a thing, should you still get Metro Exodus? Our review says “yes.” While the previous titles in the series had their issues, they were still solid shooters that offered a unique experience to explore the Moscow underground.

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