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From now until November 3 at 11 AM ET, you can obtain both Saturnalia and Warhammer 4,000: Mechanicus on the Epic Games Store for free. But if neither of those games interests you, then from November 3 until November 8, you can take advantage of the Epic Games Store’s next free offer, which consists of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and an indie puzzle game called Filament.

The Epic Games Store page for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam contains relatively little information about the game, so the Steam page will have to do if you want a more thorough rundown. As the name suggests, the game sees players taking part in one of America’s least popular wars as they battle it out in massive 64-player matches.


The game offers six different armies to choose from. Each one comes with its own modernized weapons for players to tinker around with. Rising Storm 2’s weapons all have realistic handling, and there are 50 of them in total, so gun enthusiasts will definitely find something to enjoy here.

What about Filament?

If the gritty action of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam does nothing for you, then you may appreciate the more cerebral nature of Filament. This puzzling single-player adventure boasts more than 300 levels to literally wrap your head around — all of them require you to wrap cables around column switches, that is. These puzzles take place aboard a research vessel called the Alabaster, which underwent an incident that led to its entire crew going missing. By completing more puzzles and delving further into the ship, you will find more details surrounding the incident.

These games offer remarkably different experiences, so hopefully, at least one of them will appeal to you and make this upcoming Epic Games Store free offer worth it. If not, then you can always wait until November 8 and see if the Epic Games Store will offer anything more up your alley by then.

Epic Games Store free Filament

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