Next week’s Epic Games Store free offer includes Spirit of the North

Epic Games Store free Spirit of the North fox ghost

From now until September 15 at 11 AM ET, Epic Games Store users can get a hold of both Hundred Days and the Realm Royale Reforged Epic Launch Bundle completely free of charge. But some may prefer to wait for next week’s Epic Games Store free offer, in which case they can instead claim Spirit of the North and The Captain from September 15 until September 22.

The Epic Games Store page for Spirit of the North describes it as “a single-player 3rd-person adventure game inspired by the breathtaking and mysterious landscapes of Iceland.” Players assume the role of a red fox, following “the guardian of the Northern Lights” who takes the form of a spirit fox. This journey takes the red fox across the mountains of Iceland, where it discovers the remnants of a forgotten civilization.


Conveniently enough, the spirit fox guardian grants the red fox a variety of ancient powers. These abilities are used to solve puzzles and make navigating the mysterious world that little bit easier.

O, Captain, The Captain

Meanwhile, The Captain functions as a side-scrolling pixel art adventure game that asks players to prevent mysterious invading forces from destroying Earth. As Captain Thomas Welmu, you have a great deal of control over how you affect the story and approach certain problems. For instance, you can choose which characters to befriend and which ones to leave behind. You can also either engage in space battles or simply slip by opponents. Even the fates of entire civilizations are left in your hands.

All in all, this free offer of two well-received, aesthetically striking games on the Epic Games Store makes for about as good of a deal as you can get this September. Whether or not the following week’s free giveaway will turn out quite as solid as this one remains an open question.

There’s still some time to read up on the games and figure out if you want to add them to your list of what to play in September.

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