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The Epic Games Store is kicking off the new year with a big announcement: more free games! While the storefront’s plan for free titles was originally set to end in December 2019, they will be continuing it into 2020. Every week, EGS will offer a free game. Just log in, claim your game, and it’s yours for all eternity. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Even if you never spend a dime on the Epic Store, you can nab 50 titles throughout 2020.

You get a game! And you get a game!

To date, the Epic Store has given away 73 games worth $1,455 in value. That’s crazy – log in and nab a free game every week, and you get over $1,000 in free stuff. This might be Epic’s answer to the Steam Sales, which are anticipated widely among the community. Even if Epic has similar sales, Steam Sales are of legendary repute. They inspire countless memes and Discord conversations, and I don’t see Epic sales ever getting to the same level. With the game giveaways, however, they might have found a way to grab their own slice of the PC gamer pie.

Currently, Sundered is up for grabs on the Epic Store. Coming from Thunder Lotus, the developers of Jotun, Sundered is a beautiful, hand-drawn Metroidvania. If you haven’t yet, you should grab it soon. On January 16, the next free game, Horace, will rotate in. Horace is a platforming game where you control a little robot trying to find the meaning of life, and it released to very positive reviews last year.

Sundered Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store’s year in review

The Epic Store also released some data about its storefront. There have been well over 100 million PC customers, and the store has generated over $680 million. That’s pretty impressive for a new storefront, and despite the controversy, it points towards the success of the exclusivity tactics that Epic employed to get its foot in the door.

The Epic Store also revealed the most popular games of 2019. Borderlands 3, Control, Dauntless, The Outer Worlds, and others led the pack. Upcoming exclusives include Predator Hunting Grounds, Godfall, and Magic the Gathering Arena.

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