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Epic hiring for “unannounced competitive online action game”

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Epic Games are up to something. More specifically, they’re hiring some new people to get up to something; and that something is described as an “unannounced competitive online action game.” I know, I know, that sounds like it could just be more Gears of War, but wait there’s more.

The job posting also mentions “player progression” (levelling up,) “heavy itemization” (microtransactions) and a “dynamic economy” (more microtransactions.) Exciting! Sounds kind of action-RPG-ey and also kind of MMO-ey. Not surprising, since the theme of this year’s E3 was putting every single game into some sort of hop-in, hop-out dynamic online multiplayer box.

If you want the gig, you’ll need “Demonstrated experience with advancement, itemization and progression based systems” and “Experience with competitive multiplayer balance.”

Not a great deal to go on there, admittedly. It sounds rather early in development, whatever it is. Epic has quite a few interesting licenses stashed away from their “Epic Megagames” era, so it could be one of those. Jill of the Jungle revival, your time is (probably not) now.

Source: Neogaf