Epic provide more Fortnite Survive the Storm details

Epic provide more Fortnite Survive the Storm details

Fortnite will be encouraging its players to Survive the Storm in a new (free) update slated for 29 August. It’ll add a new mode for a limited period of time, new weapon sets, new heroes, and various other newnesses.

A very purple set of storms is threatening the land, buffing husks and bringing modifiers like limited health. It’s safe to scavenge for materials during the day, but the nights now look rather nasty. The Survive the Storm survival mode will increase those threats every single night.

Expect a “hydraulic weapon set” for your Fortnite characters to acquire. Completing mutant storms earns tickets, and the tickets can be traded in for the nine “high-impact” hydraulic weapons (ranged and melee). General performance enhancements for Fortnite are promised too. Here’s a trailer.

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    • Michael Andersen

      Dont see anything new, just som new skins for the husks.