The Paragon assets helped get development moving.

Epic’s MOBA Paragon was canned a couple of months ago and is set to close for good on the 26 April. Since the closure, fans have been trying to figure out what to play now but there’s nothing on the market quite like it.

Since the closure announcement, there has been a concerted effort to get something new up and running by fans, notably the Visionary Games team who are working on an as yet unnamed spiritual successor.

Today Epic announced the release of $12 million worth of Paragon assets which includes 20 AAA-quality characters, with their respective skins, animations, VFX, and dialogue, along with over 1,500 environment components from Paragon.

Available Paragon assets include:

  • Characters: 20 Paragon Hero characters will be initially available including all skins for distinct character variants. The release also includes base meshes, thousands of textures, VFX and animation cycles, and dialogue with hundreds of sound cues. The character Shinbi comes with an animation Blueprint which can be tailored to specific needs. Epic sends special thanks to OTOY and 3D Scan Store for granting permission to keep intact the high-quality character materials using their facial and body scanning technologies as part of this release.
  • Environments: The Paragon release includes over 1,500 environment assets created for the Agora and Monolith maps, including a sample map for developers to use and customize as desired.
  • More to Come: Epic will release millions of dollars worth of additional Paragon asset packs beyond the initial $12 million offering through spring and summer 2018.

This is good news for game makers who may benefit from these assets, including projects like the one at Visionary Games.

Paragon‘s closure was terrible news but Epic really dropped the ball with its development making some strange design decisions which effectively drove some of the community away. Despite those decisions, it was still highly enjoyable and will be sorely missed when it eventually goes offline in April.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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