Epic reveals more on Paragon deck changes and Masteries in .42 update

Epic reveals more on Paragon deck changes and Masteries in .42 update

Earlier in the week epic disclosed some of the changes that are coming to Paragon in the .42 update but it was a little vague. Today we found out more in the latest dev chat session.

First up is Masteries. The Mastery rework includes a new skin called the Rival skin, a new emote and a new unrevealed cosmetic item. Epis advising players to get as many Masteries now before the new update which will grant all the new rewards.

There was also some more information on the changes coming to decks and the economy. First of all, there will be no more slotting upgrades into cards and Epic advise players “throw out everything they know” about deck building. It’s all changing including the removal of an economy cap.

The massive change is with Affinities. Currently, each hero is assigned two Affinities but in .42 players will now be able to choose any two Affinities for any hero and then build the deck from those affinities and then pick the cards. Any hero will be able to utilise any deck that’s been¬†created. What Epic has done is change it so every Affinity can do most things and each Affinity has a mechanic that’s unique to that affinity. For example, if players want to play a carry and use Chaos, then they can.

With this new system, it means players can start getting really creative with their hero builds and there’s a lot more to experiment with when it comes to deck¬†build in and there’s now going to be a lot more variety with builds for each hero. For example, you may have an off-lane deck that works with one particular hero but now you can use that same deck build with a different hero as it’s already built. Decks are effectively portable to any hero.

Because we are all sick of hearing it, the Legacy map is not coming back, Monolith has been better with more people playing than prior to its launch. Yes, Legacy is dead.

When .42 hits in August Paragon is going to get a lot more interesting. The full video can be watched below.

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