Warframe's Arrival On Epic Store Comes With The Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle (2)

The reveals just do not stop when it comes to The Game Awards 2020. On a night where announcements and exciting news flowed freely, existing games got their fair share of the attention as well. Warframe is one of them, as developers Digital Extremes got their time to shine in the spotlight as well. As part of the deal that will bring the action-roleplaying game to the Epic Games Store, there is something special lying in wait for players making the switch. Inspired by the joint project with Epic Games in 1999, the Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle is now up for grabs.

Available for the low price of nothing, you can grab the Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle over the next two weeks to add to your arsenal. Fans would be glad to see some of their old favorites making a return. Just head over to the Epic Games Store and the bundle can be yours.

The Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, and Shock Rifle are familiar firearms for fans of the first-person shooter. Now you can wield them in Warframe as well.

More than meets the eye

The bundle has more to it than just that. The Drakgoon, Ogris, and Stahlta weapons are also part of the deal. In addition, the Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle packs an Essential Critical Chance Bundle and an Affinity Booster. Sounds like a great deal for nothing.

As part of the announcement, a trailer showcasing the weapons in action was also shown. Suffice to say, those pangs of nostalgia definitely hit hard. It makes you almost want to boot up the 1999 classic. Thankfully, you don’t have to with the Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle.

Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle (2)

To grab yourself the bundle, just download the game from the Epic Games Store. It should unlock automatically after the process. Time to fry some fools in retro style.

Jake Su
Tactical strategy games are Jake's jam, and defending the Earth from alien and internal threats is just his bread and butter since the 1990s.

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