The Epix app for PS3 is yet another option to appease a gamer’s hunger for video content. Essentially a VOD application for all that Epix offers, this app is a fine addition to the many options already available. For 14 days PSN users can have access to Sports entertainment, concerts, stand-up comedy and over 3000 HD movies. Epix provides offerings from studios like MTV Films, Lionsgate, Paramount and MGM.

When the 14 day trial has expired you will have full access to Epix content if you’re current subscriber through your cable provider. One incentive for PS+ subscribers is that you’ll be able to stream one free movie every week with the Epix app. The app is available now and can be found in the TV/Video Services section of the XMB. We can also expect to see the Epix app soon for the PS Vita.

epix ps3

Brief Impressions

The movies play just fine and there is a decent selection of titles that you will not find on Netflix streaming. One minor issue occurs while browsing however, the images don’t load as fast as the user scrolls through the titles. One may assume that this is related to connection speeds but I haven’t encountered similar issues with similar VOD apps.

Without a doubt the app will continue to improve but 14 days of free movies is a no- brainer. The same applies if you’re an Epix subscriber or a PS+ member that wouldn’t mind a free movie every week. Download it now!

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