EPOS reveals its new high-end H6PRO open gaming headset

Epos H6pro Gaming Headset Open Closed Headphones Center

EPOS is back with another new enthusiast gaming headset, dubbed the H6PRO. After being seriously impressed with the H3, we were curious to find out about the company’s latest offering, and how it differs from the existing lineup. The H6PRO combines the low-key style of the H3 with more of the high-end features first seen in the GSP series. In short, it builds upon the features of everything that came before to create a modern and sleek design that can work well for audio enthusiasts, gamers, live streamers, and professionals.

In addition to providing high fidelity sound across the full audio spectrum range, the EPOS H6PRO is advertised as a headset that remains comfortable for long gaming sessions due to its improved headband design and lightweight frame. It’s built out of high quality materials to give it that premium feel, and the features make it quite the audio package. The set comes with a redesigned bidirectional microphone arm that you can flip up to click off and get out of the way when not in use. Additionally, the microphone is detachable via magnetic clamps, which means you could potentially take it with you in situations where you’d only need to use it for listening. When you need to crank things up or turn things down, there’s a volume control wheel on the housing of the right headphone.


The new premium?

So far, these features may generally sound familiar to anyone that has tried EPOS or Sennheiser gaming headsets in the past. What also separates the H6PRO from the rest is that it comes with “a completely different headset speaker system and the materials used and finish are of higher quality.” We assume that means better overall sound, but we’ll have to test it for ourselves before we draw final conclusions. So far though, the company has produced consistently good gaming headsets. The Sennheiser heritage should indicate why.

Epos H6pro Gaming Headset Open Closed Headphones Specs

The other primary differentiator for the H6PRO is the open-back design. Aside from ventilating heat for more comfortable play sessions, this feature also offers a benefit to those who dislike the sensation of speaking while wearing closed headsets. The open design allows you to hear yourself speak and articulate your voice normally. This should be great for those who like to livestream or frequently engage in video calls. However, the one downside to this design is that you’ll need a quiet space to avoid distractions like background noise. For this reason, the H6PRO also comes in a traditional closed-back option.

Like with other EPOS products, these headphones will work with PC, consoles, and Mac. The earpads, mic, and other components for the H6PRO are replaceable and it comes with a two year warranty. You can get it in black, forest green with bronze accents, or white. Pricing is listed at $179 USD on the company website. We received one for review, in addition to the H3 Hybrid, so check back to see if these new and somewhat pricey products are truly worth it.

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