Sony Online Entertainment has announced that former EverQuest II players can return to the game for free to join in on the second Sentinel’s Fate pre-launch event, Will of a Tyrant.

    Players who left the game sometime in the last two years and have an account in good standing are invited to take part in the event, which takes place in Freeport and Qeynos. From 9 to the 31 December, these former players may join subscribers and gain access to The Shadow Odyssey as a free trial. If they decide to convert the trial to a paid subscription and buy the upcoming Sentinel’s Fate expansion, they will receive the in-game item – a ‘Marble Effigy of Al’Kabor’, 250 Station Cash and access to the Sentinel’s Fate beta, which kicks off around 19 January.

    Here are some of the things going on in the pre-expansion event:City Festivals are Back –Festivals started by the Far Seas Trading Company are scheduled to begin in January 2010New Daily Tradeskill Missions in Kunark – Players can seek out Assistant Volwon in Bathezid’s Watch to participateBug Bash 2009:300 quest bugs, plus an additional 300 miscellaneous bugs have been fixedMany creatures throughout Norrath that previously did not grant Alternate Advancement experience now doErollisi’s Lost Longbow, the Longbow of Valor, the Buckler of the Broken Heart and the Tower of Love can now each be turned into a trophy item to be placed within player homesItem tooltips will now give information about gains and losses over currently equipped items
    Read more about The Will of a Tyrant event, visit the EQII site.

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