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Up until now, the company iam8bit has mostly built a name for itself through its art exhibitions, unique gaming collectibles, vinyl soundtracks, and other fun collector’s items. But it looks like iam8bit wants to delve even further into the world of video games, as it recently formed a new game publishing label called iam8bit Presents.

Working with developer Coin Crew Games and publisher Skybound Games, iam8bit Presents has produced its first title in the form of Escape Academy. It’s a virtual escape room that players can enjoy either by themselves or with a friend. If Escape Academy sounds like a game that you could find yourself playing for a while, then you can check it out once it comes to Steam on June 28.


What is Escape Academy all about?

According to the Steam pageEscape Academy sees players attending “a school where promising students train to become the ultimate Escapist.” The final game grants players access to over a dozen distinct escape rooms made by experts who have gained experience crafting escape rooms in real life.

Additionally, players can take a break and roam around the campus of the titular Escape Academy for themselves, meeting the school’s eccentric, skilled faculty members along the way. The Steam page also teases that some of these faculty members hold secrets for players to uncover, providing plenty of incentive to speak with them repeatedly and learn about them beyond a surface level. Interestingly, Escape Academy features Doseone as the composer, who players will know as the rapper and artist who worked on games such as Enter the Gungeon.

The official Twitter account of iam8bit states that players can get their hands on a free demo of Escape Academy starting today. This demo will let either one or two players experience Escape Academy‘s first two rooms, which should be enough to determine whether or not the game will appeal to them.

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