Escape from Tarkov closed beta begins

Escape from Tarkov closed beta begins

Battlestate Games’ shooter Escape from Tarkov has been in alpha for quite a while but today the game finally launched into closed beta.

This is a game that might tick quite a few boxes for shooter fans with its realism, MMO-like and RPG elements. Players are challenged to survive inside the city of Tarkov which has been surrounded by UN and Russian forces. Meanwhile, inside the city, two factions have formed, the USEV and BEAR.

“In recent months we have done a formidable job optimizing the speed and stability of the game, fixed a lot of errors,” says Nikita Buyanov, head of the Battlestate Games. “Our main task is to make it comfortable to play for everyone. Therefore, I hope that players will understand the precautions we took with the gradual admission. Of course, the development of the game doesn’t stop here. It will grow richer with features and content with every consecutive update, as soon as they are ready. For example, the closed beta testing will be soon expanded with the quest system.”

Invites for the closed beta are being sent out in waves over the next week to those that have purchased early access packs. Once those are in the hands of backers, more testers will be added over time. This test includes the following content.

  • The first part of the largest of game locations – Shoreline,
  • Reworked balance of existing locations and new spots to explore,
  • More useful items, medicines and equipment,
  • Advanced arsenal of weapons and weapon modifications,
  • Balanced economy and insurance system,
  • As well as general chat to search for info or raid companions.

Battlestate Games has released the following new Escape from Tarkov trailer to celebrate the beta launch.


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