Escape From Tarkov New Map Concordia Trailer

Escape from Tarkov getting a new map area around massive Concordia complex

Wait for the surprise.
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Too many first person shooters these days exclusively cater to fast-paced action that never relents. It’s fun to shoot different guns with plenty of opportunities to do so in a single match, but the lead up to the action can be thrilling in its own way. First announced in 2015, Escape from Tarkov capitalizes on with its unique blend of battle royale and survival elements. Better yet, players will have even more to enjoy soon once the new map area expands the battlefield of Escape from Tarkov into the urban streets and dense buildings around Concordia.

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Battle for Concordia is the official name of the trailer that Battlestate is running with for its latest addition to the game. Players will hike around a concrete jungle as they loot and hunt enemy squads. There’s plenty of action to be seen in the trailer, but one can’t help but wonder how many places campers will be able to hide at in this new area. That’s the style of the game I suppose.


Regardless of that, the new Concordia area of the map looks awesome. It features some European architecture along with the abandoned vibe like everyone had to get up and flee for their lives. You’re sure to find plenty of valuable stuff as your wander about. The Battle for Concordia trailer doesn’t shy away from showing off firefights in tight, dark spaces either. You can try and control the streets if you wish, but your odds of survival will likely be better in those claustrophobic conditions.

Park it for now

The Streets of Tarkov part of the map will arrive in time for Escape from Tarkov‘s 0.13 update . There’s still some more waiting to do, but the developers felt the need to include 149 parking places in the new area and tell us that, so there’s clearly an emphasis on important details.

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