Escape From Tarkov Patch 0 12 Introduces A Lot Of Things

Escape from Tarkov is a lot like STALKER… if STALKER was just about shooting bandits and gathering loot, without any anomalies or monsters. Patch 0.12 seems to bring the biggest improvements to the game yet.

Addressing netcode, which seems to be notoriously buggy, is a major focus of the patch. This (and many other technical changes) come from the game moving to Unity 2018.4 version of the engine. So, in addition to running better, Escape from Tarkov will also look better. Many will notice the new and improved third-person animations while the most keen-eyed will enjoy “the effects of full-screen anti-aliasing TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing).”

But that’s not all! Escape from Tarkov is probably king among tactical shooters when it comes to gear porn – and there’s a lot of new stuff to be excited about. Fans are going over the trailer intensely, documenting gear with all the diligence of an intelligence analyst. From new watches and shirts to Trijicon SRS02 sights and Alfa Arms Goliaf hand-guards to weapons like NSV machinegun and AGS-30 grenade launcher, there will be plenty of stuff to loot and scavenge. The previewed thermal sights will undoubtedly make a huge splash in the game.

Places to get and keep loot

There’s also a brand new map. Rezerv Base is touted as the biggest area in the game yet. Held by Scavs (mostly-NPC bandits), it’s guarded by minefields and heavy weapon emplacements. It’s rumored to hold great quantities of supplies, stashed there in preparation for nuclear war. Since Escape from TarkovĀ is quite heavily focused on the whole raiding and scavenging thing, Rezerv Base is a natural point of interest. It also features some sweet Russian/Soviet military tech as set-dressing.

Speaking of bases: the patch will introduce Hideouts to Escape from Tarkov. They will work like base areas where your character will rest between raids. Hideouts will improve your character’s stat regeneration, but that’s not all. You will be able (and have to) upgrade your base with new stuff – including a dangĀ bitcoin mining rig.

All in all, Patch 0.12 – arriving soon-ish – is a large and long-awaited addition to Escape from Tarkov. Even without the new area and swag, the improvements to connectivity would make it worthwhile. That it comes with an grenade launcher emplacement is even sweeter.

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