Mouldy Toof and Team 17 can do nothing to stop The Escapists 2 slipping out into the world next month. The crafting-and-prison-break title (now, in the sequel, with multiplayer) will be released on 22 August.

    It also has a price, of $20 USD (and £20 GBP). Prospective prisoners who pre-order the game will get an additional level; The Glorious Regime. As you’ll be able to see from the trailer below, it’s a pretty authoritarian looking place. Moreso than a regular prison, I mean.

    The rest of the trailer gives a refresher on the sorts of things players will get up to in The Escapists 2. Following prison protocol (when guards are looking, anyway), crafting helpful items, sneaking about after hours, and plotting escape routes.


    Peter Parrish

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