Escapists 2 Update 3 released, removes crafting exploit

Escapists 2 Update 3 released, removes crafting exploit

A third patch for The Escapists 2 has been released today, addressing a few more of the ongoing issues with the game. The cause of the C++ crash that several people have run into has not yet been resolved, unfortunately.

Instead, Update 3 removes the exploit tied to sticking objects in your crafting inventory to prevent them being lost when you’re collected by a medic. Sad times for people who were using that one. To balance out that loss somewhat, the bed sheets in The Escapists 2 should now respawn each day. That means you can cover a bunch of cells with sheets and not run out.

This patch also addresses a bug that would change items in a player’s inventory. Applying that change will require a level restart, though. Just loading up an old save won’t do it.

Here are the patch notes for Update 3.

– Fixed an issue where items held in the player’s inventory would randomly change*
– Fixed an issue where cell bed sheets wouldn’t correctly respawn during the next day
– Fixed an issue where scores weren’t displaying correctly on the leaderboards for Center Perks, Rattlesnake Springs and Cougar Creek Railroad
– Fixed an issue where players were able to prevent items from being lost when picked up by a medic by placing them in their crafting inventory

* This fix only works on new save files, so if you are experiencing the issue, please restart the prison(s) as needed. Sorry for the inconvenience!