10 essential apps you need to download for the Apple Vision Pro

Does Apple Vision Pro Require A Computer
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The Apple Vision Pro has been released, completely revolutionizing how AR and VR exist in our world. Augmented reality has never been so close and so expensive. However, although we have the new technology, that doesn’t mean that there is any practical use for it. That’s down to app developers. Here are 10 apps I think make the Apple Vision Pro worth using in your day-to-day life.

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Available here – Free

If cooking is your thing, then this handy little app for the Apple Vision Pro is a must. With Crouton, you can bring up various recipes and videos to your vision while you buzz around the kitchen. I, for one, have ruined enough cookbook pages or stickied up my phone while trying to read the next steps. With Crouton, your hands are free for cooking and nothing else.

Essential App You Need To Download For The Apple Vision Pro 2
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The nice thing about having your recipes just in your eyeline while cooking is that you don’t have to be too distracted. The app can list the steps just outside of the area of your work surface. Then, when it is time to switch pages, you can use simple gestures to change steps.

Cut The Rope 3

Available here – $5

Cut The Rope 1 was a revolution on the first iPod touch when it came out. It is a game that uses Apple’s latest technologies to show that, yes, Apple can have fun, too. This app for the Apple Vision Pro allows you to play the classic game with your hands and eyes.

Da Vinci Eye

Available here – Free

Da Vinci Eye is going to be the first of many when it comes to artistic apps for the Apple Vision Pro. This app allows you to choose a picture from your library and lay it out on a surface, such as a sheet of paper. You can then use this image to trace, essentially copying the image yourself. Using the app this way is an amazing way to create new images, plans, and sketches using your favorite photos or paintings. Thanks to the Apple Vision Pro, the picture can be as big as a wall or as small as a stamp.


Available here – Free

essential app you need to download for the Apple Vision Pro
Image: Apple

JigSpace is the perfect example of the best way apps on the Apple Vision Pro can be used in the modern workspace. This app can display 3D models in real-time and space. The practical uses of this are vast, ranging from sales of things like desks and machinery to educational breakdowns of engines or computers. Being able to visually show a rendered 3D image in real space changes practical demonstrations forever.

School Assistant Planner

Available here – Free

This one is for the students out there. This planner keeps up to date with all your classes, schedules, and appointments. It is great for those of us who have a jam-packed schedule and struggle to keep on top of it. This Apple Vision Pro app sits comfortably in the corner of your vision, gently reminding you to keep your appointments.


Available here – $4.99

There isn’t an official YouTube app out there yet, but from the creator of the Reddit app comes Juno. This sleek and compact YouTube app does everything you could want it to. It displays videos with varying levels of immersion. The main page has a subtle yet satisfying opacity, and it can be placed anywhere you need it in your view.

Essential App You Need To Download For The Apple Vision Pro
Image: Juno

Eventually, I am sure there will be an official app for the Apple Vision Pro, but in the meantime, this one does more than a good job.


Available here – Free

Apple Vision Pro doesn’t yet support widgets, but with this app, you can still have them around. A favorite is the small clock widget that can be shrunk down and placed somewhere in your augmented reality room. It seems like a small little extra, but I for one, constantly glance at my small laptop clock. It has to be time for a drink already. Right?


Available here – Free

Nothing gets my heart racing faster than a calendar. They’re just the most exciting things out there. I kid, of course, but there is no denying their use in an organized life. Fantastical is the calendar app many Apple fans will already recognize. Now, this app is available in augmented reality with the Apple Vision Pro. All the features, synchronicity, and nagging reminders you had on your phone, laptop, and watch can now be right in your face.


Available here – Free (Subscription)

Disney has done it again and pulled an incredible cinematic experience out of the bag. With a Disney+ subscription, their app, and an Apple Vision Pro, you can now watch all of their movies wherever you are. However, the magic of Disney doesn’t stop there. All of their 3D movies are now available to stream in their full immersive glory. And wait, there’s more. There are several “Environments” you can watch their films in, ranging from a Pod Racer to the Stark Tower from Avengers, completing the full world immersion of Disney.

Screenshot: YouTube Hotshot Tek


Available here – Free

One of my guilty pleasures is window shopping for houses. I don’t mean buying windows for houses, I mean perusing the market for potentials. When I get especially bored, I’ll book myself into a viewing of a house that there is no possible way I can afford and have a look around in my usual, rather disheveled, writer’s attire.

Now, with this new app for the Apple Vision Pro, I can stroll around potential houses in my pajamas without the judgemental looks of an estate agent ruining my fun. As a surprise top app developer, Zillow has brought out an app that lets you see all the details of a house, including interactive floor plans and live 3D walkthroughs of houses. I could live a whole fantasy life in one of those.

But what if you’re not a US resident? What if you’re in the UK and you want to buy an Apple Vision Pro? Here’s when you can expect it in the UK.

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