The European divisions of publishers such as Square Enix, Codemasters, Ubisoft and Atari have begun aggressively seeking out pirates. That’s according to website TorrentFreak, who are claiming identified pirates are being told to pay €800 for every game they’ve illegally downloaded.
    Apparently, the publishers are hunting for the pirates by tracking the IP addresses thought to be downloading their games. 
    Of course, this throws up a worrying dilemma. Many torrent clients do not use or display the user’s actual IP address during the uploading/downloading process. The result is that, while some legitimate pirates may indeed be caught, innocents could also find themselves served with a hefty invoice.
    The uncertainty of the IP address tracking method has already forced CD Projekt (The Witcher 2: Assassins of King) to backtrack on employing it itself as a means of combating piracy.

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