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SCS Software continues to prepare the major new map expansion coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2, the Heart of Russia DLC. Announced back in 2021, this new expansion will be the largest in the sim’s history; not a surprise, considering Russia is the largest country across the Eurasian continent by a large margin.

As the team makes steady progress with the Heart of Russia DLC development, there’s been a steady drip-feed of new info being rotated out to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 fanbase. The latest developer update includes a look at the prominent entrance monuments that players will encounter on their journeys between Russian settlements. These “unique structures” are made of various materials and feature all sorts of intricate designs.


Mile marking

Interestingly enough, these monuments aren’t just entrance markers. They also serve as designators for the three administrative divisions that Russia’s settlements fall into: oblast, okrug and raion. Borders between different provinces are oblasts, whereas the okrug identifies districts. Finally, a raion is a district that happens to also be inside of a city.

Is including such monuments a little superfluous on the map designers’ part? Yes, of course. But, this is another reminder of how much effort the team over at SCS puts into combing over the fine details of the areas they seek to recreate. After all, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the only truly large-scale truck sims on the market, along with American Truck Simulator. So, it’s only fitting that the studio continues to live up to its reputation by outputting highly authentic content.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Russia 1

Big state, big crop

SCS also recently showed off a new industry that’s coming to the Texas expansion for American Truck Simulator: cotton. A very large-scale crop in the state, American Truck Simulator will capture that essence by allowing players to not only haul loads of cotton, but drive past massive cotton fields and farms dedicated to the crop. Similar to the situation with Heart of Russia for Euro Truck Simulator 2, Texas will also be the largest expansion for American Truck Simulator. That is, assuming SCS never decides to tackle the likes of Alaska.

While new details for both these expansions have been churning out more frequently as of late, neither has received a release date. In typical SCS fashion, that won’t come until the expansion is in its very last phases, where there’s basically only some additional polishing that’s left to do. It’s anticipated that they will release sometime this year, but SCS is yet to specify.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 heart of Russia dlc expansion 2

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