Europa Universalis IV DLC Leaves Port on April 5th

Europa Universalis IV DLC Leaves Port on April 5th

Paradox Development Studios, the developer of Europa Universalis IV, annouced the most recent DLC for the title, ‘Mare Nostrum’ will release on April 5, 2016.

Paradox revealed the DLC in a recent developer diary which you watch below.

April 5 is also important for those who decided not to pick up the DLC. On the release date, a substantial free update will release for the game that will add quite a few new features. Here are the details Paradox released:

  • Map Expansion: Greater detail to Ireland and sub-Saharan African, especially in the Congo and East Central Africa, and new “States and Territories” system
  • Espionage Reworking: Your diplomats can now build spy networks in enemy nations, from where you can fabricate claims on enemy holdings or undermine them from within.
  • Interface improvements: Better tooltips overall, and naval blockades are now more obvious on the map
  • Naval Combat Changes: better morale system and increased chance to capture enemy vessels
  • And even more changes to game balance, AI and modding triggers

The DLC will run you $14.99, so make sure you keep watch on the Steam page of Europa Universalis IV for when the DLC drops.

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