europa universalis iv expansion

Is it more maps? It’s more maps isn’t it. I can finally conquer space as Prussia.

Paradox will be announcing (and maybe demonstrating) a new Europa Universalis IV expansion as part of their fan event in Gamescom. The company made this pre-announcement in tremendously minimal style on their forums.

The Paradox Gamescom event will be live-streamed through Twitch.TV on Paradox’s channel, so if you’re not in Germany you’ll still be able to watch what’s on offer. It begins at 9pm CEST (8pm UK, 12 noon Pacific).

Europa Universalis IV won’t be the only game shown. Prior to the event, Paradox stated they would be showing bits from Magicka 2, Pillars of Eternity, Hearts of Iron IV and some “secret projects.”

One of those secrets was almost certainly Hollowpoint, revealed as part of yesterday’s Sony press conference. The other is probably this EUIV expansion. Unless they have more than two, obviously.

In the forum thread where this expansion announcement was confirmed, Paradox fans are wondering whether this is the DLC recently described by the company as their “biggest ever.” If so, it could be quite a sizeable add-on.

Update: The Art of War has been announced.

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