Paradox are setting sail for the familiar port of DLC, with today’s announcement of a nautical-focused expansion for Europa Universalis IV. This latest add-on, called ‘Mare Nostrum’ (that’s the old Roman terminology for the Mediterranean, Latin for “our sea”) with bring changes to the naval side of your nation.

Coastal provinces will produce sailors, who you’ll need to repair and maintain warships and transports. There’s a “new mission system” for naval orders, and Barbary Coast nations will be getting up to all sorts of piratey business.

Here’s more, taken direct from the press release:

  • Condottieri: Rent out your soldiers as mercenaries to give an underdog a fighting chance while filling your treasury
  • Trade Leagues: For merchant republics, the power of the purse is amplified by creating economic and military alliances
  • Share Maps: Instead of waiting for the world to come to you, ask your friends if they have discoveries they are willing to share.
  • PLUS changes to diplomacy, subject nation management and much more, including the usual major patch that will be a FREE upgrade to all Europa Universalis IV owners.

No specific release date just yet, but it’s said to be available “soon”.

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