Europa Universalis IV showing off what it does best, maps

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You look different, America. Have you lost weight?

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The ‘Conquest of Paradise’ expansion for Europa Universalis IV will be released tomorrow (we’ll have a review of it up in the next few days too,) so it’s time for the game to show off one of its finest assets. Yes, maps. Lovely, lovely maps.

No ordinary maps, however. In Conquest of Paradise, you can (if you wish,) set the New World landmass to be randomised. That way, you might end up with something like the screenshot above. You’ll always find a reasonable amount of resources and rewards for investing in exploration though, otherwise that wouldn’t be much fun. The proto-US might look weird, but it will always exist in some form and have bountiful riches on offer.

The add-on will also change the way Native American tribes work in Europa Universalis IV. They’ll be getting new functions, mechanics and research options that should make them a lot more viable (and entertaining) to play as. From a more colonial perspective, those who choose to set up colonies in the New World may now find them striving for independence if they get too powerful (and this will give you an option to switch play as the newly independent nation if you wish.)

All sounds rather exciting if, like me, you enjoy Europa Universalis IV. Watch the trailer below for more chat about randomised maps.

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