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It was recently noted that GameStop branches in Europe have been pricing Ubisoft’s new open world racing game The Crew for over 100 euros.

The companies German website has the game listed for the absurd price of €100.77 and Italian sites are showcasing the pre-order cases at  100.98. GameStop Switzerland’s site is charging  CHF 120.77 which works out as €99.51.

100 Euros comes to £82.27 or $138 which is still silly money for a PS4 or Xbox One game. The game is being sold for far more normal prices elsewhere including Amazon and Ubisoft’s own Uplay site. Both the German and Italian sites are already accepting pre-orders for the crazy price they’re selling it for so if you’re buying in Europe, be careful. With any luck the gamers who pre-ordered will get their money back once this inflated price comes to light.

Of course this could all be a huge error but it seems odd that such an error would be made by three different nations and yet all have similar but slightly different prices. None of the other PS4 or Xbox One games are being sold at such high prices so something strange is definitely afoot. Dual-shockers has reached out to GameStop and Ubisoft but are yet to receive an answer.




Source: DuelShockers


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