Eve Online - odyssey

    Thanks to this press release about Eve Online’s forthcoming Odyssey expansion, I’ve learned that the game has had 18 previous add-ons of this type. That’s … probably still less expansion than the actual, real-life universe, but still quite a lot of expansion for a space MMO.

    So what’s on the way in Odyssey? Well, when it comes out on 4 June, it should be adding a revamped scanning mechanic that aims to encourage greater exploration among the stars. There’ll also be a “fresh and accessible user interface” and new rewards for hunting down Eve’s hidden galactic secrets.

    If you’re not the adventuring type, the promises of new ships, star base improvements and “universe-wide resource redistribution and ship rebalancing” might entice you instead. CCP isn’t going into detail about what the latter “rebalancing” entails yet, but will no doubt be releasing information across the coming weeks.

    You can read more about Odyssey on its dedicated page here, and if you’re attending the Eve Online fanfest in Iceland this April expect more information about the add-on to be released there.

    Peter Parrish

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