EVE: Valkyrie Warzone

The virtual reality, space dog-fighting spin-off from EVE, EVE: Valkyrie, now has a trailer showing (probably very scripted since it’s so early) footage from a ‘pre-alpha’ version of the game.

EVE Online’s fanfest event kicked off today, which is why this promotional footage has emerged at this particular moment.

As well as the new trailer, EVE: Valkyrie is now accepting very limited alpha sign-ups for those interested in testing the game early. You can sign up with either an EVE or DUST 514 account, but you also need to own an Oculus Rift dev kit 2.

A thread on NeoGaf notes that at the panel event for EVE: Valkyrie, it was stated that the game will be exclusive on PC to the Oculus Rift – though other VR are “not ruled out.”

This raises the thoroughly unpleasant spectre of certain future VR games being exclusive to one headset or another on PC, even if in just a “limited, timed exclusivity” sense. That would be a fairly irritating path for companies to go down, so let’s hope it doesn’t take off as an idea.

Peter Parrish

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