EverQuest 2 had already dipped its toe in free-to-play waters, but now it’s going to dive right in. A long (seriously, it’s really long) open letter from Producer Dave ‘SmokeJumper’ Georgeson explains that the title will become fully free-to-play from December of this year.
As ever, there’s a bit of a tier system. ‘Gold’ costs $15 USD per month and appears to be pretty much the same as a current EverQuest 2 subscription. With this you get access to everything the game has to offer, just as before.
A ‘silver’ option is available for a one-off payment of $5.00 USD offers a few races and classes to play, and puts certain restrictions on your abilities (though some can be bypassed by paying more money). Finally, ‘bronze’ is the true free-to-play option, but it is naturally the most restrictive account type of all.
It’s probably easiest just to look at the handy chart provided by the game’s official site.
“The aim is to give you as much flexibility as possible, without drowning you in a sea of confusing options. Free, Silver, or Gold at whatever duration and recurring state that you desire. It’s up to you to play EQII your way,” says Georgeson.
To read his open letter in full, head through the source link below.
Source: stationblog.wordpress.com

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