Tony “Vhalen” Garcia, the senior game designer, talks to us about the lore and background of Everquest 2, and what it is we can expect in the future from this hugely successful MMO.

You are the “Keeper” of Norrath’s History, a history for which thousands of EQ1 and EQ2 players have a passion. How are you doing to keep going with both of games at the same time? Is there any interaction within them?

EQ Live has great designers that craft their lore and we do our best to exchange ideas and information. Since moving to the EQII team, I have provided support for most EQ projects. I spend a lot of time developing documents that can be used for the development of other projects. That often has me delving into my dusty old files of EQ lore. However, my primary focus is EQII and the future it is molding.

Where do you find your inspiration? Are you the only one working on the Everquest’s Lore?

I still get a great deal of inspiration from the original D&D campaign that spawned such personalities as Sir Lucan and Mayong Mistmoore. Aside from that, classic fantasy tales and children’s novels still provide a spark when one is needed. As for the other question, every EQ project has a primary lore designer. We work together when necessary.

With time and game’s progress, quests are getting better scenarios, which timeline quest is your favorite one and why?

Many of the quests are indirectly linked to the greater stories of Norrath. When I look at the quests, I see the big picture and it makes it hard to choose just one to favor. However, I did enjoy the first forum quest, A Portrait of Destiny.

What is your favorite race and class on Norrath and why?

I currently play a barbarian bruiser, but my favourite combination would be a dwarven warrior. In the old days, a group of us original developers would run around as dwarven warriors, the original Irontoe Brigade.

What is your favourite faction and can you tell us a little bit more about it?

The League of Freethinkers has always been a favorite of mine. Their EQ origin began in EQ Live, but it never was revealed there. Their inspiration began with Mayong Mistmoore in my days of playing D&D. In the Age of Destiny they are publicly known as an exclusive guild of big game hunters that maintains lodges in most large cities. As many know, they hunt far more dangerous creatures than tigers and deer.

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