April 6th, 2017

EverQuest II Introduces Battlegrounds

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that players of its MMO EverQuest II may soon take part in various styles of PvP, thanks to the new Battleground feature which is about to be introduced.

Characters between the level 80 and 90 may take part in these new battlegrounds, which are scheduled to arrive on 16 February 2010. Players will face others, regardless of server, in three new zones dedicated to PvP battle. Each zone offers a different type of of match, and allows up to 48 players to take part in one sitting.

The new Chaos armour set is up for grabs as a reward for victory in the battlegrounds. Here are more details about each setting:

Battlefield of Ganak

Game Type: Capture the Flag
Players: 6 Person Group
Environment: Outdoor arena with two large oppositional bases with intersecting interiors
Objective: Capture the enemy’s flag located within their base and return it to your base with your flag still in place
Win Condition: First team to successfully capture and return three flags wins

Smuggler’s Den

Game Type: Hold Territory
Players: 24 Person Group
Environment: Five spires on top of two pinnacles jutting out of a raging ocean
Objective: Gain control and hold towers longer than the opposition to earn Tower Tickets
Win Condition: First team to reach the displayed Tower Ticket goal wins

Gears of Klak’Anon

Game Type: Hold the Relic
Players: 6 Person Group
Environment: Industrious clockwork foundry containing scientific equipment in motion
Objective: Acquire and hold the relic to accrue points faster than the opposition
Win Condition: First team to reach the set score wins

See the official trailer for this new feature below, and screenshots beyond. Find out how you can get in on the action at the official site.