The excellent Everspace has ben out for a few days now and Rock Fish Games have been busy putting the game’s first patch together. The 1.0.7 update addresses some of the frustrating VR issues reported when the game launched.

The update’s fix list also tackles numerous bugs that were not game breaking but noticeable at times. You can find out more about Everspace in our review.

Everspace 1.0.7 Notes


  • VR: Made the key to reset the VR camera orientation rebindable in the controls settings.


  • VR: Fixed some missing tutorial prompts
  • VR: Fixed problems to launch the game with SteamVR running
  • VR: Fixed several crashes that could occur in the crafting/upgrade/equipment menus
  • VR: Fixed an issue with the perks screen, where you couldnt select perks anymore after switching between ships
  • VR: Fixed a crash that could occur in the repair screen of the service stations
  • VR: Fixed a crash that could occur when changing keyboard bindings in the options menu
  • VR: Fixed wrong display of Chinese and Russian HUD marker fonts
  • VR: Fixed crosshair having the wrong rotation after checking and unchecking “Aim using headtracking”
  • Fixed not every location having a jump suppressor when having “Low Profile” enhancement equipped
  • Fixed flight sticks occluding cockpit displays at high FOV values
  • Fixed cutscenes and flashback videos not displaying correctly in widescreen resolutions
  • Fixed some dialogues not being affected by voice volume settings
  • Fixed exploit that containers could be opened through walls with Energy Discharge device
  • Fixed warships occasionally blocking jumpgates
  • Fixed ARC-9000 not working correctly while Splitter Glyph equipped
  • Fixed a rare crash when generating random trade offers
  • Fixed Shadow Strike enhancement occasionally damaging ship subsystems
  • Fixed Drone Carrier not being resistant to Mainframe Override
  • Fixed “Interrupted Jump” cutscene that sometimes would hang in an endless jump scene when using the Gunship
  • Fixed music not playing in “Interrupted Jump” cutscene
  • Fixed “Ancient Splitters” damaging players during ingame cutscenes
Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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