Everspace 2 Kickstarter Delay

At Gamescom this year, Rockfish Games officially announced Everspace 2the next installment in their space flight combat series. The studio featured a demo at Gamescom and PAX West, where numerous players showed up to see what Everspace 2 has to offer. Rockfish is next bringing their demo to Tokyo Game Show 2019 to receive further feedback from conference-goers.

Today, the studio announced that the official Kickstarter launch will be delayed until Oct. 2. Presumably, Rockfish wishes to incorporate the feedback they received from fans by reworking some of the stretch goals and backer tiers. Finally, Rockfish plans to add graphics options to make the demo more playable on a wider range of PC setups.

Everspace 2 promises to be bigger and better with your Kickstarter support

A Steam demo will follow the Everspace 2 Kickstarter delay

The new official schedule for the Kickstarter campaign is Oct. 2 through Nov. 4. Those interested in the Kickstarter campaign can sign up for the Everspace 2 newsletter at their official website. Otherwise, once the Kickstarter campaign is finished, the studio plans to bring the Gamescom demo to Steam. After that, the game will receive an Early Access period in 2020. Rockfish plans to release the full game in 2021.

The biggest change from Everspace to Everspace 2 is its jump from rogue-like to open-world. However, the studio promises that the core experience will still be intact. Fans who enjoyed the fast-paced action of the original can expect the sequel to offer the same challenging combat. The goal for Rockfish was to respond to fan requests for a more immersive experience. With that said, the studio is working to take the combat mechanics and branch into a universe that is large, explorable, and mighty dangerous.

The first Everspace, which also began via Kickstarter, received over 10,000 backers. Since the studio’s website features an active forum for players to discuss the game, it’s clear that the Everspace community has made a big impact on the development of the series to date.

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