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After delaying the start of the Kickstarter campaign for Everspace 2 to October 2, Rockfish Games has managed to rake in over 60% of its $500,000 goal. The team has ten days left to raise the needed funds, so they’ve revealed more details about the game’s story and player ships.

For those who don’t know, Everspace 2 is the sequel to roguelike space shooter Everspace. But this time around, Rockfish has decided to create a persistent open world with deep space exploration. They describe it as a single-player hack and slash action RPG…in space. There’s loot to be looted, classes to choose from, skills and talents to learn, and more.

Everspace 2 Spaceship Combat Kickstarter Rpg

What’s the story?

As mentioned, Rockfish recently released some more information about the story for Everspace 2. The game’s campaign will last about 20 hours. You will continue the journey of a clone pilot from the previous game, but this time around your motivation isn’t as simple as just saving the galaxy. In Everspace 2, you will have to search for the purpose of life and find your place in society. Having lived for 30 years on one planet, I can assure you that finding your place among the stars is going to be a challenge.

Rockfish has also said that the entire game world for Everspace 2 will be more lively and diverse than its predecessor’s. Outlaws will organize themselves into clans, each with their own identity and different technological development. And you will interact with a host of fantastic creatures, some big enough to devour spaceships whole.

Give the people what they want

Rockfish likes to listen to their fans. One of the things that players wanted in Everspace 2 is more spaceships. Everspace has three ships in the base game, and an additional one was added with an expansion. So, Rockfish decided they’d up the ante a little and put over 100 different spaceships into Everspace 2.

Each ship will have extensive options for customization. You will be able to choose primary, secondary, and tertiary colors for your ship, as well as a vessel insignia. The key concept behind the vast amount of spaceships is a modular design approach. That means you’ll get to choose from a range of hulls, wings, engines, and extensions that can be unlocked and interchanged in many different combinations.

There will also be three types of ships: light, medium, and heavy. Each class of ship will also have considerably different abilities. Check out Rockfish’s video below to see the modular design process in action and start fantasizing about how your spaceship will look.

There is a ton more information to be found about Everspace 2 on its Kickstarter page. Check it out and consider giving them your support. You can donate as little as $6 to get your name in the game’s credits. If you’re willing to drop some big bucks, there are also a bunch of creative donation options. You could help name and design a mission, or an outlaw boss, or a celestial body in the galaxy.

The planned release date for Everspace 2 is 2021, but early access is planned for around September 2020. For now, you can add the game to your Steam wishlist.

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