Everwild Rare Reveal X019

Rare‘s next game is Everwild, shown for the first time today during X019. It’s a brief teaser, showing off little in terms of gameplay. What can be seen, however, is some rather gorgeous scenery and interesting twists on wild life. Does that deer have antlers, or just big, flappy ears? I don’t know, but I want to find out.

The game is coming out for the Xbox One, but since this is a first-person Microsoft game, it likely won’t be locked to the system. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into Xbox Play Anywhere, we should be able to play Everwild on PC as well.

“Introducing Everwild,” reads the video description, “a brand new world in development at [Rare] where unique and unforgettable experiences will await…”

Into the wilds, once again

There’s not a whole lot that can be gleaned from the trailer, gameplay wise. Everwild looks to have a kind of “altered Earth” motif, where animals are justĀ almost recognizable. We see different takes on birds and boar, as well as deer (or antelope) with antlers that could also be flappy ears.

Everwild Rare Reveal X019 Deer

Adorable little deer-alope friend.

Everwild does seem to be some sort of hunting aspect. In one instance, we see what we believe is the protagonist working with fellow humans to corner a saber-tooth tiger. Or, at least, the Everwild version of the extinct beast.

Other than that, most of the trailer fosters a vibe of unity between man and nature. Our protagonist holds out her hand to pet the deer-alope, and it abides. I’m definitely getting convinced that Rare marathon-ed Studio Ghibli movies prior to development of Everwild. It hasn’t been confirmed if the protagonist was raised by wolves yet.

No release date or further information has been revealed, but we’ll keep an eye on this intriguing looking game.

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