March 30th, 2017

Every breath you take: underwater in Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet want to eliminate breathing. Wait … what? Oh, just while underwater in Guild Wars 2. That’s ok then.
Apparently the developers of this MMO aren’t big fans of those breath bars which pop up every time you so much as touch a body of water in games. As a result, Guild Wars 2 won’t have one. You won’t be in any danger of drowning just by splishing around underwater.
In fact, the only time breathing will be an issue underwater will be if your health falls to zero. At this point you’ll enter what is known, terrifyingly, as ‘the drowning state’. To get out of this, you’ll have to either kill something, have one of your buddies revive you or swim to the surface for some chugs of sweet, sweet oxygen.
Handily enough, the game will also recognise when you’ve entered a body of water and automatically switch you to your underwater weapons (which are largely of the pointy speargun variety).
Update: There is also a new feature on the Guild Wars 2 Dungeons available discussing he different types of dungeon in the game. 
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