July 7th, 2017

Everything changes: Dota 2 6.79 patch notes appear

Dota 2 - 01
Lina actually hasn’t changed much; she’s just got a longer attack range. Almost everyone else, though…

Valve have released a new set of Dota 2 patch notes. This is not a drill. I repeat: Valve have released a new set of Dota 2 patch notes. This is not a drill. And good grief, but these patch notes – for version 6.79, apparently – are extensive, and I fully expect them to hugely, massively, apocalyptically change the meta.

Everything changes.

Let’s take a few isolated examples at random. Buyback has been massively nerfed; you can’t get unreliable gold until your (normal) respawn timer has ended, and 25% of your remaining respawn time is added to the respawn timer the next time you die. The area in which you get XP if something dies has increased. Flying Courier’s can’t be bought before the three-minute mark. Day/night length is now 4 minutes instead of 6. You start with more gold, get more free gold every tick, get far more gold for ending a spree, and get less gold for Randoming your hero. And this? This is minor stuff.

How about this: Roshan now respawns at a random time, between eight and 11 minutes, after dying. There’s a tweak to Armlet toggling. Pudge can buy Blink Dagger. Truesight doesn’t reveal a Shadow Dancing Slark. Riki doesn’t lose invisibility if he casts spells or uses an item. Linken’s Sphere’s buff can be temporarily transferred to another hero. Killing Observer Wards now grants a 50 gold bounty. Tranquil Boots are completely reworked. More heroes get bonuses from Aghanim’s – like Skywrath Mage, who gets a 0 cooldown on Mystic Flare when he has it. Again: Skywrath Mage can have a zero second cooldown on Mystic Flare.

I’m not even sure these are the biggest changes; there’s a tonne of stuff in there, and every time I flip through it I see something I missed and go WAIT WHAT. Just now, for instance, I noticed that Treant Protector’s Living Armour has a longer cooldown and costs more mana, so that can’t be spammed anymore. That’s surely going to force a change in the way he plays! And… wait, Meepo gets his first clone earlier but his last clone later? And Lich’s Sacrifice no longer counts as denying a creep? Broodmother can use her webs to traverse cliffs and trees, but loses her bonuses the instant she leaves the web? Axe’s ultimate no longer has a cooldown if it kills someone?

SO MANY CHANGES. Have a read of the full notes over here, and spend the next half hour shouting WAIT WHAT THEY CHANGED THAT every 30 seconds. No word on when the patch will go live, but judging by these notes, it’ll likely be soon.

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  • Tim McDonald

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    • David Veselý

      Yeah those are actually huge changes. For example batriderr is moreless completely useless now (base damage nerfed by 10, flaming lasso smaller range and smaller vision). Armlet – what happened. Bristleback actually got buffed. Legit. All creeps in jungle now give only a small amount of xp. Goodbye, jungling. And, medium pulling camp was swapped with small camp…. Double pulls needed… Really, what the hell is going on? Is this the age od DotVD (Defense of the Volvo Douches)???

    • a1rwalk

      huge changes, especially bloodseeker is incredible now! but it can also be very funny, like in this video 😀


    • Samurai Turtle

      The splitpush is dead!

      All hail the gank!

      All hail the gank!



    • Samurai Turtle

      Also, to all the people complaining..

      Used to be that players would all be eagerly anticipating the next “BIG” version. This is the DotA tradition.

      For the past few years, there has been very little to adapt to in the version changes.. I’m going to assume this was due to them focusing more on porting the game from 1 into 2.

      Also, the huge changes usually come in at the x.x9 versions. Expect huge changes again come 6.89.

      Pity we don’t have a secret boss like them olden days.. (or do we?)

    • Magulhd

      hey guys,
      the patch isn’t online, right?
      i played on the weekend and for example the tango has 3 charges, like before the patch.
      u can see it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D_zUDLigDs