Evga Rtx 3080 12gb Hybrid Graphics Card Deal Sale Bundle Cheap

Graphics card prices just keep getting better as a result of changing market conditions. You can now find massive discounts on a variety of great gaming hardware options compared to the expensive market of yesteryear. The Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB is now particularly enticing thanks to price drops, and you can even get the liquid-cooled EVGA Hybrid model with bundled extras for just $799 USD.

This deal is directly available at EVGA and includes said RTX 3080 12GB Hybrid, a Z12 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, plus Steam codes for Doom Eternal (with The Ancient Gods DLCs) and Ghostwire: Tokyo. For $799 USD, that’s the best deal for this graphics card that we’re currently aware of.


One major perk with this deal is that it’s not just a run-of-the-mill RTX 3080. The 12GB version offers improved performance of at least 5% on average over the original RTX 3080. You also get the additional two GBs of VRAM to assist with high resolution gaming (4K) performance in today’s demanding titles. Furthermore, you get piece of mind in knowing this card will be able to handle future AAA games that may require more VRAM.

There’s also the liquid-cooling aspect, which is a great fit for a card that pulls ~350W. The 240mm radiator comes with PWM fans and an additional blower style fan for added airflow through the card itself. You can expect low temperatures to protect your card and ensure consistent performance plus quiet operation. Alternately, you can use that beefy cooling to overclock it for even more performance.

Evga Rtx 3080 12gb Hybrid Graphics Card Deal Sale Bundle Cheap 2

(Image credit: EVGA).

Superb deals or too little, too late?

There’s a lot of discussion surrounding the lead up to the RTX 40 Series and if the once-coveted RTX 30 Series is even worth it anymore. Rumors are pretty concrete at this point that generational performance will improve 60-80%, depending on the model. The answer is somewhat dependent on your goals for system performance, but the RTX 3080 12GB will remain a beast of a card for years, even for 4K gaming.

It simply depends on if you want to take the gamble and hope you find a 40 Series card at launch, whenever that might be. We’re already hearing that delays may happen due to the excess RTX 30 Series stock. With this in mind, you might end up waiting into 2023 for an RTX 40 Series card, and pricing is still a total mystery.

Hybrid Graphics Card Liquid Cooled Rgb

(Image credit: EVGA).

Simply put, you can get this bundle today and start enjoying your games with new levels of graphical performance now. EVGA has one of the best reputations among graphics card partners, and our previous experience with the Hybrid card designs lends this $799 USD RTX 3080 12GB deal a thumbs up.

If you’re wary of liquid cooling, you can also find the same promo for some air cooled models from EVGA. Gigabyte also has an RTX 3080 12GB going for $759.99 USD with the same game code bundle.

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