Evil West release date

It’ll soon be time to saddle up and take down some hellish creatures, as Evil West now has its release date set for September 20. This was revealed earlier today in the game’s most recent trailer. Sitting at just over a minute long, the trailer lays out the basic premise of the title, shows off some quick snippets of gameplay, and lets us know when we can try it out.

Evil West is the newest title from Flying Wild Hog. You may have heard of this developer from their other titles like Shadow Warrior 3, and Trek to Yomi. With Evil West, players can expect to see a game full of carnage and action as a cowboy must take on a horde of demonic creatures. Honestly, it sounds like a great time.


What more to expect from Evil West

While it does indeed features cowboys, Evil West is a far cry from games like Red Dead Redemption 2. In Evil West, players take on the role of an agent from a “vampire-hunting institute.” As such, you’ll face off against hordes of demons, bandits, and vampires as well. The game seems to put a spin on the western genre by adding several dark fantasy elements.

We saw some gameplay of Evil West in a trailer at The Game Awards in 2021, but its latest release date trailer shows off some more of the brutal carnage in the game. You’ll be able to make use of the conventional arsenal that most cowboys have, like revolvers and rifles. However, you’ll also get to use some more unique weapons too. Some of the gear shown off in the trailer includes an electrified gauntlet, a flamethrower, and a giant axe.

Evil West release date

Evil West certainly looks like a fun time, and you won’t have to try the game out alone, as it supports co-op. Be sure to check out Evil West‘s Steam page to find out more about the game before September 20.

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