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Bruch is the second main boss you’ll face in Evil West, despite being pretty deep into the game. They’re actually quite a bit easier to handle than The Parasiter, but that likely depends on how you’ve got Jesse upgraded. Let’s take a look at its attacks and the best way to deal with it, as it’s got a fair amount of health and you really don’t want to start the fight over and over again. Here’s how to beat Bruch in Evil West.

How to beat Bruch in Evil West

When the fight starts, Bruch will immediately strike at you. Dodge roll backwards and keep doing it — they strike multiple times. The fight starts you close enough that you won’t get away unscathed if you don’t dodge immediately. Unlike The Parasiter, you’re going to be using your regular bag of tricks here. You can do damage by punching, shooting, and using the flamethrower. But it’s a better idea to shoot, as Bruch’s melee attacks have a fairly wide reach.

After a little while, Bruch will summon three clones. These get the electric grab icon above their heads, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to use it on them. But they’re really not that much of a threat as long as you keep moving. Focus on getting away from them and shooting the boss. They can be damaged, but they’ll just get summoned again even if you take them out. After you do enough damage, Bruch will jump up to a higher level and become invulnerable.

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Take on the adds

When you see the weakness circle show up, shoot her with your rifle or crossbow. If you don’t, she’ll fire a homing attack at you. You can dodge this, but you have to be accurate. It does a fair amount of damage too. When they move, they also summon weaker enemies for you to fight. This honestly makes the fight much easier. After a little while, Bruch will come back down and resume the fight the same as before.

When you get Bruch down to the last third of its life bar, it will start spinning this growth at you. The growth has openings in it you can dodge through, so keep your eyes on those all the while moving in the same direction as the growth so that you don’t get hit. Afterward, more of the growth will get send toward you. This works the same way. Watch for openings and move through them to not get hit. The fight then resumes like normal.

The fact that weaker enemies get summoned makes this fight so much easier. The absolute easiest way to take Bruch down is to have the upgrade that gives you gauntlet energy every time you beat an enemy with your electric beatdown attack. If you have this, I recommend using it as soon as the fight starts. When the weaker enemies get summoned, lightning dash or pull every enemy to you and finish them that way, which will get you electric power. This will allow you to use your electric beatdown on Bruch multiple times during the fight, making for a fairly easy battle.

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With that, you now know how to beat Bruch in Evil West. Be sure to check out our review to see what we think of the game.

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