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The time has come for Jesse to say farewell to his father, who has finally succumbed to vampirism. This is a three-phase fight, but it checkpoints at the start of each of these, which helps mitigate the difficulty. William is far from the hardest boss in Evil West, as he’s easier than The Parasiter, but not nearly as easy as Bruch. You’ll need to pay attention to his movements and get used to getting out of the way of his attacks all the same. Read on to find out how to beat William in Evil West.

How to beat William in Evil West

First phase

During the first phase, William stands on the ground in his normal form. This is definitely more of a ranged fight, so you won’t often fight yourself hitting him with your fists. When you see a weakness circle appear on his hands, shoot them. If you don’t, he’ll fire at you multiple times, which you’ll have to dodge. One of his most dangerous moves is when he makes the world turn dark. When this happens, wait a second and then dodge to the side, as he quickly dashes and punches where you’re standing. There are times when he’ll stand still and taunt you, so it might be tempting to rush in and punch him. If you do, he counters by slamming the ground in a wide area. It’s better to shoot him or use any of your cooldown shots to do damage. After a while, this phase will end.

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Second phase

His second phase is quite different from its predecessor. His principal attack here is that he shoots worm things on the ground at you in a pattern. They alternate between ones you can dodge by walking to the side and ones you have to actually do a full dodge roll to get away from. This attack can go on for a while, so you’ll need to get the timing down to avoid taking damage. Before attacking at times, another weakness circle will appear. Shoot it and he’ll be immobile for several seconds, which is another good opportunity to use your flamethrower, shotgun, and the like. This form maintains the world of darkness dash punch, so if you’re ready when this happens the phase won’t last long.

Third phase

The third phase is once again pretty different. William spends most of his time in an invulnerable red circle. If you shoot this, a little red X will appear where your attacks land, so just be patient. After a few seconds he surrounds you with red circles all containing clones of him. Use the crossbow to rapidly shoot the weakness circles that appear whenever he’s about to attack, as he’ll send out more worms if you miss. If you hit a clone’s weakness, the clone you shot won’t be able to summon worms. He becomes vulnerable when you shoot enough of these weak spots, giving you yet another chance to punish him.

Once again, he turns the world dark. But instead of dashing at you and punching, William smashes the ground in the place you’re standing three times. You’re going to want to rapidly dodge here to avoid taking damage. After a few passes, you should be able to put him down for good. After all that, you’ve defeated William and now have intel on where Felicity is and what she’s up to.

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And that’s how you beat William in Evil West. Be sure to check out our review to see what we think of the game.

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