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There are a lot of ways to improve the main character in Evil West and, each time you level up, you get a perk point. But what should you grab with those points? In this guide, we’re going to break down the best perks you can get in Evil West. Getting these can seriously buff your effectiveness, so try to grab them before you get others, personal playstyle not withstanding.

The best perks in Evil West

Vital Superpowers: You’ll unlock this one later, but it increases your health 15%. That doesn’t sound like much, but it undoubtedly makes a difference. Just being able to take an extra hit will often be the difference between life and death, so grab this one as soon as it’s available.

Death Defied: This is one of the best survival boost in Evil West. Whenever you take a hit that will kill you, Jesse instead heals back to 25% of his health. Note: you can only use this once per encounter (or once per phase in later boss battles), so don’t go thinking you’re invincible.

Cannonball Explosion: Regular enemies just full-on explode after a cannonball. You’ll only want to use this when you don’t need health or energy, but it’s great for slinging little guys at stronger foes, as they’ll take extra damage from the blasts. Plus, quickly one-hit killing the small fry saves some time.

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Extra Juice: Increases your energy bars by one. Combined with the upgrade that lets you heal with a bar when your main heal is on cooldown, and you’ll see a big boost to survivability.

Short Circuit: Each time you kill an electrocuted enemy, you get an energy pickup. This means that you can zapper pull or dash to weaker enemies and then get energy as soon as you kill them. This is the best way to refill your energy bars and will let you use supercharge mode more than once in intense fights. Extremely important.

Enhanced Combo: This lets Jesse punch faster and hit more during the E-combo. You’re going to want absolutely everything in this line, as your E-combo is one of the best skills in Evil West. You’ll do a nice bit of damage even against stronger foes, as you can hit them with the crippling rod and then punch the crap out of them.

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And there you have it, the best perks in Evil West. Focusing on the right ones can make a really big difference in your damage and survivability, so don’t sleep on the best ones.

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