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The Evil Within
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The Evil Within trailer shows the horrors of combat with Boxman

The Evil Within - 01

What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?

As far as “most imposing and threatening names” go, I’ve got to be honest and say that “Boxman” isn’t really high on my list. Nonetheless, that’s how this new The Evil Within trailer has been introduced: it “gives a first look at fighting one of the game’s most terrifying villains, Boxman.”

Judging by the actual content of the trailer, he’s that chap you’ve probably seen in previous screenshots. The really huge one with an axe, and a metal box on his head. I guess I can see why he’s called Boxman, if nothing else.

Lack of gravitas aside, I’m really rather looking forward to The Evil Within, in that it looks a bit like Shadows of the Damned or Resi 4 with a psychological horror bent to it. Alas, judging by this trailer, I mean “looks like” in terms of both graphics and gameplay, but hopefully the PC version will be a bit shinier. Have a look at the trailer below, and decide whether or not you’re looking forward to launch on 29 August.

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