June 19th, 2017

Evolve adds Quantum Caira in first of five ‘Shear Madness’ updates

Evolve adds Quantum Caira in first of five ‘Shear Madness’ updates

Evolve Stage 2 (the re-launched free to play version of Evolve, if you need the reminder) is embarking on a five week long series of updates dubbed ‘Shear Madness’. There’ll be one addition per week, with this week’s offering being a new version of medic Caira called Quantum Caira.

Across the next five weeks, expect “three more Character Adaptations, three new Map Variants … a brand new Co-op game mode, and a veritable 3-meat feast of community requested features and quality of life improvements”. Based on the images shown at this page, the new co-op mode will be part of next week’s offerings.

As well as Quantum Caira, this latest Evolve update promises a new ‘try before you buy’ system, allowing players to test hunters, monsters, skins and perks (before popping down Silver Keys for them) in the game’s training mode. Said training mode also has some new ‘advanced’ hunter training. In addition, Turtle Rock say this update should show the “first steps towards improving widespread community issues on matchmaking and leavers”.

Quantum Caira herself will have the following abilities. You can see a video featuring her, below.

  • Proton Field- Deploys a zone that damages enemies over time. Multiple fields stack.
  • Regeneration Field – Deploys a Generystâ„¢ zone that heals each nearby Hunter over time. Multiple Regeneration Fields stack.
  • Neutron Barrier- Applies a short damage-resistance buff to all nearby Hunters.
  • Generyst II Field: Heals hunters and damages monsters in the area for the duration of the effect.

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