Evolve alpha access for all XCOM owners on Steam

evolve alpha
A thrilling alpha screenshot. Which is why it’s watermarked.

Anybody who owns a copy of 2K’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam also has access to the “big alpha” weekend test for Evolve. No jumping through hoops with registration codes or anything, the Evolve alpha should just be in your library.

That’s according to this brief announcement post over in the Steam community hub for Evolve, anyway.

The alpha test is scheduled to run this weekend and finish at 8pm (Pacific US time) on 2 November, so if you want to give it a try you’d best get downloading the 14GB of data you’ll need.

Evolve is Turtle Rock’s 4v1 hunters-vs-large-monster multiplayer title. I’ve been playing it myself, and will have some written impressions on the site just after the alpha concludes.

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