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Hey, you, do you want to take part in Evolve’s Alpha testing and hunt a big monster/be hunted by a big monster in a multiplayer fashion? Well, you may be in luck but there are a few qualifying factors.

For a start it looks like this Alpha is going to be US-only for now. If you’re not in the US you can still try the link, but it may not work. Also! You will need a PC and a Steam account. Oh, and you PC needs to actually be good enough to run Evolve. Otherwise that would just be sad for everyone involved.

Here’s the relevant and instructive twitter posting from developers Turtle Rock.

Take note of the password and referral phrase, you’ll be needing those. The survey asks for a link to your Steam profile, a valid email address and wonders what similar-ish games you’ve played in the genre (stuff like Left for Dead 2.) It’ll also ask you for some PC specs.

Successful applicants will supposedly be informed before 5 July, so it sounds like the sign-up window won’t exactly be open for ages. The Alpha test will presumably run later during the month.

Evolve will be released on 21 October.

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